Raid Rules
The following rules apply only to guildmembers who hold the Raider rank or higher in the guild.

- Participates in at least one raid per week. Preferably more.
- Focus is on heroic and mythic diccifulty content.
- Is expected to focus on maximizing main character (best gear, improving skills).
- Is expected to prepare for raids by having the proper consumables, reading tactics, installing and updating required addons.
- Needs to check the guild forums on a regular basis.
- Can play on alts and/or do casual content during non-raid days.

If these rules are not followed or raid participation is too low, a Raider might get demoted to Casual or even get kicked out of the guild in severe cases.

Required Addons
The following addons are required for all Raiders. You might be asked to install other addons by your classleader

- Omen
- Deadly Boss Mods

A raid will be locked for signups 24 hours in advance. If you still want to sign after that you have to talk to an officer, who will add you to the signups as a Standby, this means that if there is room you will get a spot, but only after all the people who signed up before the deadline have gotten a spot.

If you are not sure that you can make a raid on time you can also sign up as a standby, and you will also have second priority to a spot once you get online.